Installation of the new rail for lights in the Radio-Television Serbia

At the end of this February, AVL Projekt completed the project of replacement of the defective rail for lighting in the RTS's studio. The participation in the project was provided by winning the tender in November 2014.

  • Client: Radio-Television Serbia
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


RTS had the need to repair defects in Studio 10. The servicing meant dismantling the defective rail for mounting lighting and replacing it with the new one. In addition, it was necessary to perform the service of the lighting console ETC Congo. Both jobs were meant for Studio 10, which is located in Aberdareva Street in Belgrade. This is the studio where the RTS Morning Programme, the Belgrade Chronicle and the TV show Eye are broadcasted from. 



Implemented Solution


In 2006, as part of the reconstruction of the RTS building, which had been damaged during the bombing, the European Agency for Reconstruction funded the purchase of the lighting equipment for studio 10, in Aberdareva Street in Belgrade. So, the studio of approximately 280m2 got equipped with lighting equipment of the leading world manufacturers: ETC dimmers and control system with distribution over a networkDeSisti studio fresnel reflectors and pantograph, while the rail system was supplied by the German company Lastro. The control of the motorized pantographs was entrusted to the ETC Voyager system.
Now, our team was entrusted with the task of replacing the rail with aluminum profile, distorted during exploitation rail system. Due to the very dense layout of recording events, our team succeeded in record time to replace the old, curved rail with the new one, after which the entire rail system was tested. The test proved that the rail system had re-established full functionality.
In addition, as the authorized distributor of ETC, our customer service department was engaged in repairing the lighting desk Congo, which included software update software and the replacement of 4 displays anda keyboard. This is the first service counter after 10 years of work in the studios of the RTS. The light technicians from RTS were extremely satisfied with the existing ETC counter which proved to be extremely reliable in operation.
The successor of the ETC Congo desks is Cobalt, a new series of consoles an you can read more about it here.  



Challenges in implementation
Studio 10 is constantly busy, which is why it was necessary to wait almost two months to replace the rails. In addition to this problem, the crane which was necessary for the replacement of rails was busy in another studio.
After installing the rail system, the ventilation system was built in, and it made the replacement of the rail and the installation of the copper strips into it a real challenge