Studio lighting for the new TV studio in B92

During February and March 2015, AVL Projekt was involved in the shipment and installation of studio lighting for television B92

  • Client: TV B92
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified needs


Some time ago, TV B92 moved into a new television studio, located at the entrance to Belgrade coming from Zagreb. Given the opportunities that the new TV studio provides, a new program schedule was established, with several new TV shows. B92 has started broadcasting a new morning program ''Our morning'', and there are also standard shows like "Boulevard", "Point Finger", "Golden Circle" and "24 minutes with Zoran Kesic." For this reason there was a need to further equip the studio with a lighting technique.

Our partners from TV B92 are familiar and satisfied with the ETC and DeSisti spotlights, because AVL Projekt delivered a certain amount of them in 2011. More on this can be read here.

Now they have decided to expand the existing system with the same equipment believing that "good things should not be changed."



Implemented solution


Spotlights Leonardo 1000W were delivered. This is a compact, highly efficient Fresnel spotlight that provides a balanced light field within the overall focus "Spread to Flood". It uses the "single ended" Quartz halogen lamp with a color temperature of 3200K, which represents an efficient and natural ventilation that guarantees extended life of lamps, spotlights and lenses, in all working positions. It also has a mechanism for front and rear focusing, as well as an innovative door of the lens that can be adjusted to suit different types of applications. Lightweight, rugged and reliable, whether in the studio or on some external location, Leonardo 1000V has extensive photometric characteristics.


All light fixtures are also Pole Operated, which means that you can adjust orientation of the light beam while suspended on a fixed positions in the structure, and this is done in a very simple way, using rods (Operating pole), from the ground.


The delivered ETC dimming units provide professional quality dimming. Model SmartPack 12ch offers a choice of different dimming curves, while the power of each channel is 2,3kW. Two dimming racks were delivered, each with three dimers with Harting connectors (36 dimming channels per rack). The parameters of dimers are displayed on the LCD screen backlight, in two rows, with 20 characters, while the passage through the dimming unit menu goes via 6 blue phosphoric keys, including the simple patching of the system. LED diodes indicate the presence of power and DMX signal.


The profile spotlight ETC S4 Zoom 15-30 degrees is made of cast aluminum and has a rotating mechanism of knives ± 25 °, made of stainless steel with which it is possible to make the shape of the light beam according to customer desire, with sharp or soft edge by adjusting the focus. There are signs for field angulation and focus adjustment at the body of the spotlight.


The spotlights feature the thermally insulated handles and dual fasteners that provide secure fixing of the reflectors in the desired position. With a slot reserved for inserting gobos made of glass or steel and a slot with sliding lid for insertion of iris or motorized gobos, there is the possibility to create additional effects on the scene.


Bulb replacement is very easy and is done on the back of the light fixture.


Also S4 PARNel PAR spotlight were delivered, which have variable focus ranging from 25 to 45 degrees (spot/flood).


The price of the HPL bulb is much more convenient compared to the traditional halogen bulbs. HPL bulb also provides substantial energy savings, and is produced by all the leading manufacturers (Philips, Osram, GE, and Ushio). They have different lifetime (from 300 to over 1500 hours) and color temperature (from 3050 to 3200K).


It should be mentioned that the equipment was delivered 10 days before the agreed deadline.