Digital audio consoles for The Public Media Institution Radio-Television Vojvodina

In period between February and March 2015, AVL Projekt delivered, installed and programmed the two sets of digital audio consoles for RTV Novi Sad

  • Client: Radio-television Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


Given the general digitization of telecommunication systems, particularly television coverage, there is the need for modernization of the audio transmission, too. The question has risen why the audio signal for the digital television is processed in analog way and accompanied with multiple conversion from one domain to another? Wanting to improve the production of sound in its studio, Radio Television Vojvodina contracted a AVL Projekt to devise economically viable and modern solution which can be further expanded at any moment.



Implemented Solution


Digital audio consoles Soundcraft Vi1 were installed. It is a digital audio console of the latest generation, which has improved and accelerated the processing and control of multiple audio signals. Its powerful DSP Vi1 handles up to 64 channels of audio input. Of these, 32 channels are analog and are located on the console, and the rest of the channels can be downloaded via MADI protocol.





The external audio card RME Audio MADIFace XT, in addition to routing the MADI channels, provides also a high quality playback of multi-channel audio signals from a computer via the USB 3.0 protocol. There are also a signal converters from AES / EBU to MADI protocol RME Audio ADI-642.






The recording of predefined presets for each of the shows ("cue lists") allows for quick changes of audio settings, while at the same time reducing the possibility for errors occurring due to the human factor. Before installing this solution, it was necessary to memorize settings and manually put them back into an analog console, whereas now, with the digital mixer, it is just enough to "call out" a preset.

The installed solutions will be used by sound engineers in director’s room for the production of the news programs (news, weather reports and documentaries). They will enable them with high-quality and reliable transmission of audio signals from directing room, studios and master room. The MADI protocol implementation has contributed to easier routing (redirection) of audio signals from various studios in one director’s room.


Challenges in Implementation


The biggest challenge was to ensure the high reliability and quality of processing audio signals without degradation of quality. At the same time, it was necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the proposed and implemented solution, bearing in mind that one console serves several studios.