Aluminum Construction for Tempo Supermarket

In March 2015 AVL Projekt delivered an aluminum construction for Tempo supermarket in Belgrade

  • Client: Interfast Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


All Tempo Shopping Centers are equipped and furnished in accordance with the international standards. Some of these standards regulate the brightness of retail space, or any part of it, with a desire to influence the customer's visual experience. In this sense and for the purpose of hanging lighting in the sales area of ​​the supermarket, it was necessary to install an aluminum structure of a certain scale and at a certain height.



Implemented Solution


The aluminum construction FD34 with all the accessories for connecting and attaching was supplied. It was manufactured by Eurotruss. The dimension of the shipped structure is 9,5m x 3,5m, while the dimensions of a square cross-section segment of FD34 is 290mm x 290mm. All supplied aluminum segments and accessories have a TUV certificate and the appropriate certificates for welding, which guarantee a safe and quality product.

The construction is intended for hanging lighting provided by the company Interfast from Belgrade. Interfast is a company that has shown confidence once again and hired us to deliver this aluminum construction. Trust is based on previous successful cooperation regarding The Cultural Institution “Palilula”.

One of the basic requirements of the client was a delivery time of only 10 days, which we successfully fulfilled.