Tour Guide system for the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Novi Sad

AVL Projekt delivered in March 2015 the tour- guide system for the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Novi Sad

  • Client: The Faculty of Natural Sciences Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified needs


The Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad issued a tender in February 2015 for the purchase of equipment for simultaneous translation. The need was heading towards the procurement of equipment at the price which would be acceptable at the time. The equipment would be used when addressing smaller groups of people in a foreign language at the premises of the Faculty of Science (ceremonial halls, amphitheatres), on various occasions (conferences, meetings, lectures, etc.).



Implemented solution


The tender documentation actually specified the "tour guide" system. This was possible so because, in situations where it is enough to provide simultaneous translation to one language, at shorter intervals, without the need for the advanced features that recquire translation booths and counters, "tour guide" system can be an alternative to far more expensive professional systems for simultaneous translation. This represents its basic usefulness. Otherwise, "Tour Guide" is a system for tourist groups where one person speaks (a guide), and others listen (tourists). It is very simple and convenient system that works on the same principle as a classic FM radio, only using other available frequency.


AVL Projekt delivered "Wavelink 4" tour-guide system of the French manufacturer RSF (UHF wireless mode of communication). The system consists of 1 transmitter and 15 receivers. The training of the users was given at the faculty.