Delivery and installation of DeSisti stage hoist for "Studio M"

AVL Projekt delivered and installed DeSisti stage hoist for lighting at "Studio M" in Novi Sad, in March 2015

  • Client: "Studio M", Novi sad
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


At the end of 2014, RTV launched a tender for the purchase of equipment for the reconstruction of "Studio M". AVL Projekt won this tender and its competitors were Svetlost Teatar and Elektrovat.


"Studio M" is a trademark of Radio Novi Sad and one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Although it was built back in the sixties of the last century, even todayit is the only space that combines the concert hall and recording studio. The entire building has for years served as a multimedia meeting place for many artists from home and abroad. And today it is an area that attracts the attention of a large number of experienced musicians, but also gathers more and more young authors, who have created their first recordings for the library of Radio Novi Sad. 



Implemented Solution


The equipment for reconstruction of "Studio M" meant the delivery and installation of a stage hoist to carry the lighting equipment and the control system.


The delivered DeSisti Stage Hoist was mounted on the existing steel roof structure above the suspended ceiling, and this is why it didn't disturbe the current interior design. The total length of the bearing part of the poles is 7.5, while the minimum usable capacity is 250kg.

Light fixtures are attached to the circular pipe of diameter Ø48mm, and are connected to the built-in electrical installation consisting of 8 CEE16 sockets with cover. To control the hoist two DMX ports were provided. The hoist can be lifted at 8m height. 


The control system for raising and lowering the rod is mounted on the wall and has the ability to control up to 5 motorized poles simultaneously. The controller provides, in addition to two regular limit switches (upper and lower) also two safety switches, as well as a separate switch for safety shutdown.

The stage hoist can be specified in lengths ranging from 3m to 9.75m. This flexibility in the length makes this product ideal for usage on various stages.


DeSisti stage hoist is compliant with all the safety standards. These standards are directly related to the security of the system for hanging mounted above the heads of the people. The safety features incorporated into the stage hoist include, a self sustaining worm-geared set motor to prevent back winding in a static position and backed up by a breaking system when moving.


See how DeSisti stage hoist works:




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