Video and audio equipment for The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina

AVL Projekt delivered in May 2015 audio and video equipment for the conference room in The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina in Novi Sad

  • Client: The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified needs


More than 8 years ago AVL Projekt installed an analog video system, which, in time became "the limiting factor" in the video presentations due to the limited resolution and complicated signal distribution. Therefore, the competent people from The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina decided to modernize the system.



Implemented solution



The implemented solution is based on modern digital IP cameras with FullHD resolution and the possibility of distribution of signals and their control through the entire building, in the remote locations. Axis professional IP cameras with robo PZT features (pan, zoom, tilt) were built in. Setting the cameras was easy because of the possibility of using the existing installations.





The added AKG wireless microphones with gooseneck let you easily adjust the sound thanks to the quality of AKG microphones which come with very high amplification before feedback. They also enable the movement of the table of the chairman of the meeting without setting any new cables.




The mounted Sharp LCD screens come also in FullHD resolution with high brightness.