The hazer for the rental company Toske SFX

AVL Projekt delivered in May 2015 the hazer for the rental company from Belgrade.

  • Client: The rental company Toske SFX
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified needs


The prevailing activity of Toske SFX is renting the equipment for creating different effects on stage. The haze is definitely one of the effects that contribute the most to the creation of a special visual appearance on the scene. Therefore, the authorities of the company decided to purchase the haze machine and associated equipment in order to complement the services they provide to their clients.



Supplied equipment


Some of the reasons for purchasing the hazer Unique 2.1 of the German manufacturer LOOK Solutions are:

  • reliability during work
  • short time interval from activation of the hazer to the delivery of haze itself
  • extremely low consumption of liquid, compared to similar competitive products.

In addition, it allows the control of the haze delivered via DMX signals from lighting desk or via remote control which can be wired or wireless.


Since the organization of events is, more often than not, not planned in advance, it is often necessary to obtain supplies for the next use in very short term. In this case it is a liquid, creating the effect of haze. The rental company Tosca SFX will have no problem if it gets in this situation, because we have sufficient quanities of appropriate liquid for hazers in our stock, which is certainly one of the reasons for selecting us as a reliable supplier.


It should be noted that the liquid is harmless to people and the environment, of which we have the appropriate certificate.