Audio System for the "Manual.Co" shop it the Mercator shopping mall

AVL Projekt installed a sound system in another, newly opened "Manual.Co"shop in one of the Belgrade’s shopping malls Mercator, in June 2015

  • Client: "Manual.Co"
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


"Manual.Co" has been a client of the AVL Projekt from earlier. This time last year, we installed a very similar sound system in, then newly opened store in the shopping mall "Ušće". You can read more about this here.

Given the expectations of the client, their call to install nearly identical sound system in another retail shop did not come as a surprise to us. And this time the client's needs were based on the desire to fulfill the space with pleasant and full sound that would not disturb the atmosphere typical of a "Manual.Co" store.



The implemented Solution


The implemented audio system is almost imperceptible in the shop. Its presence in no way undermines the ambiance and architecture of the store. The loud speakers are set in a narrow space between the shelves and the ceiling, using a custom-made brackets, exclusively made for this purpose. In addition, we took into account that the sound system is set up to provide uniform sound coverage throughout the area.

The connectivity of any device to the installed audio system is very high. Namely, it is possible to listen to Internet radio, to stream music from a smartphone via Bluetooth, to directly reproduce music from USB flash memory, as well as to connect other audio sources via a multitude of analog and digital inputs.


The installation was completed in just one day. The only challenge was based on relatively demanding installation due to atypically short carriers of the speakers.