Stage, audio and lighting equipment of Kanjiža Municipality

As part of the project for the needs of the Municipality of Kanjiža, an aluminum roof truss, stage, as well as a complete audio and lighting system necessary for organizing all kinds of events were delivered.

  • Client: Municipality of Kanjiža
  • Date of project: 2012

About the project


The AVL Projekt has fully implemented a project funded by the European Union and interstate, regional cooperation between Serbia and Romania to increase the tourist offer and the development of the Potisje region. Under the terms of the tender, it was necessary that all delivered equipment be of European origin.


Implemented solutions


LITEC Aluminum roof trussing (Roof), dimensions 12x10m, is supplied with complete accessories necessary for assembly (couplings, shackles, straps, spanners, cables). The supplied aluminum segments type QD30S and QD40S are designed to withstand extreme loads, which is confirmed by the TUV certificate. In the corners of the structure there are towers Varitower VT2-40 lifting the entire roof structure to a certain height. ChainMaster electric chain hoists allow the structure to be raise or lowered by controlling it via a 4-channel control. They are mounted on special holders on the Varitower. The load capacity is 1000 kg.

The entire roof structure is covered with a self-extinguishing gray PVC cover and fastened with spanners for aluminum segments, while the back and sides are fixed with elastic ties. Additional stiffening and increasing the stability of the entire structure was performed by cross-connecting the corners with cables.

The stage is unrivaled in our market due to the unique and extremely simple system of connecting panels. It is modular with a total area of 100m² and consists of 200cm x 100 x 9cm panels. It stands on legs size 60 x 60 cm, wall thickness 4 mm, while the height is adjustable from 90 to 150 cm. The frame of the panel is made of the highest quality aluminum. Each panel has a unique suspension system - BRAVO patent. Using just one Allen key, the two-click panels lock into each other, forming a compact whole. The Italian company SIXTEMA, by applying the BRAVO patent, maximized the safety factor of performers on stage (primarily folk dance groups), making the stage compact and stable. On the other hand, it has greatly simplified the assembly and disassembly of the stage, making it suitable for various purposes. The platform is made of marine plywood 12 mm thick, fire and waterproof, covered with anti-slip protection on the upper side, which increases the safety of the performers. The uniformly distributed load capacity is 750 kg / m2. It has CE and other EU certificates.

Stairs are also supplied on both sides of the stage and are easy to install, with handrails for easier and safer access.

An auxiliary structure with a stage and a railing was also delivered. This stage is intended to house control audio and lighting desks, which control the entire technique and stage effects.

The lighting system consists of intelligent lighting ROBE Lighting, ColorSpot 575AT and ColorWash 575AT Zoom and classic spotlights, Italian manufacturer DTS Illuminazione PAR64 500W, SCENA PC 2kW and blinders. The classic spotlights are powered by a 12-channel Pegasus Pro 1210-C dimmer.

Control and management are performed using the Avolites lighting desk, Titan Expert model, supplied with the Touch wing, which facilitates the entire process.

The audio system consists of a DAS Audio speakers, which consists of 4 AERO-38A satellites with mounting accessories, 2 LX-218 series subwoofers, as well as 6 on-stage monitor speakers. Dynamic microphones for performers are AKG, while models of Sennheiser are supplied for instrumental microphones. Wireless microphone systems are also supplied by Sennheiser, while microphone stands are from the German manufacturer K&M (Konig & Meyer).

Control, processing and monitoring of the audio system are entrusted to the digital audio processor of the English manufacturer XTA Electronics DP548. Control is enabled via a digital audio desk, model SD9, English supplier DiGiCo. A stagebox with 32in/8out is also supplied, as well as a winder with CAT5e cable for interconnection. Complete power supply is done with power connectors and boxes in the appropriate IP protection, the Austrian manufacturer PCE Electric, while all signal audio and DMX cables are Sommer Cable.


Training and support


After the installation, AVL Projekt trained the operators to work with the equipment and all the delivered equipment and submitted complete instructions in printed and electronic form.