Ambient sound system for the "Coin Casa" store in Delta City shopping mall

AVL Projekt installed in May 2015 the ambient sound system in the store "Coin Casa" in the Delta City shopping mall.

  • Client: Coin Casa, Delta City shopping mall
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified needs



It has turned out in practice so many times that the cozy atmosphere of a store, which further enhances its sales capacity, is affected not merely by the exposed commodities and the level of services that sellers provide for the buyers, but also by the visual and, even more the audio experience of those who visit the store. The interior can be "perfect", the products being quite what you're looking for and what you need, but it may happen that you simply leave the store, because you are no longer able to "endure the torture“ of bad sound.

For these reasons, and wishing to provide all their visitors with a pleasant shopping atmosphere, the owners of "Coin Casa" in Delta City have decided to improve the ambient sound.




The implemented solution



For the installation of the sound system, JBL ceiling speakers were used similar to those used in the Hyatt hotel, as well as Ecler's 100V Audio Amplifier, that is also a media player.


Our technicians used the existing installations, as well as the existing holes for ceiling speakers. They were only further expanded so that they fit into a new, slightly larger and incomparably higher quality speakers. In this way, the installation was accelerated to the maximum and simplified.


The sound is much better now, and the replacement of the existing amplifier with the integrated amplifier/media player enables simple streaming of music from any USB flash memory or SD memory card.