Audio system for a presentation room at Seven Bridges Genomics

AVL Projekt installed in June 2015 the audio system in the presentational hall of the company Seven Bridges Genomics from Belgrade.

  • Client: Seven Bridges Genomics
  • Date of project: 2015

Identified Needs


Seven Bridges Genomics is a Serbian-American IT bioinformatics company that operates in several locations in the world. One of them is Belgrade. It deals with the creation of "open source" applications for the analysis of DNA and RNA, as of QC tools and data visualization, in order to simplify the IT infrastructure and create more robust software.

In order to ensure the efficient meetings, especially video meetings, they decided to equip the presentation space within their company with good sound.



Implemented Solution


The team of AVL Projekt has delivered and implemented the equipment consisting of the JBL sound system, AKG microphones and BSS audio processor.

The use value of the supplied system is reflected in the fact that a greater number of employees is able to participate in interactive activities and video meetings, because the whole area is covered with better sound.

In addition, BSS audio processor has an AEC option that provides quality realization of video conference.

Since the entire area is covered by the AKG wireless microphone system signal, it is now possible to include in the meeting anyone of a large number of users of space, for whom is even provided a small bleachers seating.