Stage for the Cultural Center in Paraćin

AVL Projekt has delivered and installed the trussing and stage equipment for the Cultural Center of Paraćin

  • Client: stage-for-the-cultural-center-in-paracin
  • Date of project: 2012

Implemented Solution


It is the stage of the Italian suppliers Sixtema, for which AVL Projekt has an authorized distribution. The total area of the stage is ​​48m².


The Delivered stage is of modular composition consisting of panels whose dimensions are 200 x 100 x 9 cm (Bravo model). It relies on an adjustable aluminum legs measuring 60 x 60 mm, wall thickness 4 mm, while the height is adjustable from 60 cm to 1.0 m. The frame of the panel is made from the highest quality aluminum, while the panel uses 12mm thick marine plywood that is fire and water resistant and coated on the upper side for the protection against slipping.

Each panel has at the bottom side a supplement for connection of 4 feet and 4 fittings for connecting panels, which are patented solution of the manufacturer (BRAVO patent). The stairs are mounted on the front and back sides of the stage, also model Bravo. Stair dimensions are 100 x 50 cm.



Quality Guarantee


The stage is certified for a maximum load of 750kg/m² and has CE and other EU certificates.