Audio system for the House of Youth in Belgrade

AVL Projekt has delivered the audio equipment for the Universal Hall and the Jazz Club of the House of Youth in Belgrade

  • Client: audio-system-for-the-house-of-youth-in-belgrade
  • Date of project: 2012

Implemented solution


The audio system with 48-channel digital audio FOH mixer Soundcraft Si2, with equipment for processing, recording and reproduction of sound (DBX DriveRack DSP for speaker systems, DENON CD player and TASCAM CD burner) was installed in The Universal Hall. The left and right sides of the stage are equipped with hanging speaker groups with 5 active line array speaker system + 2 active subwoofer from JBL Vertec Series Compact together with accessories (AKG microphones, JBL stage monitoring, etc.).

For multi-channel sound reproduction the corresponding amplifier device (rack 19 ") was built in with Dolby Digital processor and a corresponding number of Crown CTs amplifiers, with accompanying DBX DriveRack speaker processors for screen speaker systems. Behind the screens three screen speaker system from JBL Screen Array series were permanently installed, as well as two portable JBL subwoofer. 20 JBL surround speaker system for playback effects were implemented on the walls of the rooms.

In the technical director’s room in Jazz Hall 32-channel analog audio mixer Soundcraft GB8 were built together with accessories for audio processing (Lexicon effects devices and DBX devices for dynamic and amplitude sound processing) and equipment for recording and reproduction of sound (ADAT ALESIS 24-channel HD recorder, Denon CD players and TASCAM CD burner).

6 active full range speaker system + 4 active subwoofer from JBL PRX600 series were set on stage, along with accessories (AKG microphones, JBL stage monitoring, etc.).



Installation and setting to work


Together with the company AVC-PRO from Belgrade, "AVL Projekt" completed also works on the installation of the supplied equipment with setting it to work in both halls.