A physical distance between business associates used to be an insurmountable obstacle. Today, thanks to the technology this problem is succesfully solved. Quality solutions are usually very simple and effective to the extent that the real presence of business partners can be completely replaced. 

Today, thanks to the modern systems of communication, people from distant continents can communicate in real time without the slightest feeling of being thousands kilometres away. No matter whether you are in the nearby office or on the other side of the world, the quality of sound, picture and additional content remains unaltered.   

A wide spectrum of systems which ease the business communication make it also simple and more efficient. Some of them are conference, video, presentational and educational systems, as well as systems for simultaneous translation. One of the similar systems is the one for electronic voting where a large number of people can express their opinion in the simplest possible way - by pressing a button.

Beside various economic branches where forementioned systems shorten long and exhausting processes, there is one more area in which they are beginning to find their place. Here we talk about judiciary in which these systems are used for recording and analysis of trials.