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What makes theatres unique when compared to other cultural institutions is the uniqueness of stage atmosphere when the play is on. For this atmosphere, it is necessary to provide such lighting equipment which will enable light designer's ideas to be authentically transferred into reality. 

Today, the modernization has entered theatres, too. Therefore, many theatres have multimedia and other modern solutions which together provide unique artistic expression. One of such novelties are LED lights, the technology whose time is yet to come. 


Cultural insitutions

The halls of cultural institutions are, in most cases, multi purpose. They are used for performances, exhibits, concerts and other cultural happenings. Considering this, the solutions implemented in these institutions include lighting, audio and projecting systems. 


The era of the modern, digital cinemas and their predominance over the classical, analog ones has definitely begun and is becomimg more and more obvious. The compromise between the two is, actually the combination of the two, the compound of the old and the new. 

And not just that; today there is a trend of the complete automatization of cinema halls, or more of them simultaneously. 3D technology is more and more present and therefore the need for this type of solutions is becoming more and more obvious. 

AVL Projekt is the first company in Serbia to implement digital surround system in Dom sindikata in Belgrade, which makes us the pioneers in this type of modernization.  

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