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Educational institutions

The modernization of teaching, more and more seen in educational institutions, affects the new needs for schools. Regardless whether we speak about small, local schools or universities with several amphitheaters, the need for quality audio is one of the priorities of these institutions. 

In addition, the wide use of "smart" boards, projectors and other contemporary resources which help the teaching process create a completely new system for transfer of knowledge in a simple and easy way.  

Religious institutions

The religious institutions are very specific due to their very demanding acoustics. When it comes to churches, it happens more often than not that the audience does not comprehend the content coming from the loudspeakers because of the long reverberation of the sound wave. 

In order to solve this problem and to minimize the reverberation time, it is necessary to implement an audio solution which will be specifically designed for such a challenge. Here we talk about the practical systems which do not require much space and do not affect the interior aestetics, both of which make them extremely practical solutions tested by many churches throughout the world. 

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